Enjoy a stay in total peace in one of the 40 rooms available on the “Shepherd’s Hill” in Puidoux.

Whether you choose a functional monastic cell or a comfortable room with a view on the park, your stay will be restful and memorable. Disconnection and serenity are offered to you.

Single room

This room for 1 person with shower and toilet welcomes you for a relaxing stay.

from CHF 104.-

Double or triple room

This comfortable room for 2 people with en suite shower and toilet offers an open view.

from CHF 158.-

Cloister rooms

These authentic rooms welcome you with simplicity. Shower and toilet in the hallway.

from CHF 79.-

Family room

This room offers 5 beds, for a family or a group. Shower and toilet are en suite.

from CHF 244.-

Wifi is not available in our rooms !

Our rooms are protected from wifi repeaters to make sure you enjoy tranquillity, well-being and disconnection. Wifi access is free in common areas and in all seminar rooms.